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Addis Ababa Residents About Relationship Goals

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Addis Ababa Residents About Relationship Goals One of the ironical developments evident in today’s world is the unfolding of grave social injustices – discrimination, abject poverty, inequality, and alienation–at the time when the world has registered unprecedented levels of material prosperity and technological achievements.

Some scholars attempted to associate these otherwise unlikely parallel developments to some technical faults in running the economic and political machinerieshowever, the real nature of the problem is quite complex and is indisputably rooted in the pervasiveness of deficiencies in moral values and characters emanating largely from psychological naivety as well as the malfunctioning of major social institutions such as government, family, religion, school and community among others.

As a matter of fact the quality of life we often aspire to achieve (a happier and more fulfilled life), is impingent upon the extent to which the moral values we uphold both as individual citizens as well as collective entities realize the ideals of social justice, freedom and equality.

Unfortunately, our understanding of morality and moral values which is indispensable in illuminating the critical problems of social injustice that we currently face such as what caused them? where are we heading? and most importantly, how can we control them?  is dangerously limited

In short, what the above episode or observation evidences is the eventuality of unexpected dire consequences due to the use of technology way far removed from the immediate need, priority, resources, experience and expertise of the community and beyond. Thus, any consideration for introduction or adoption of a prospective modern technology must essentially be made in light of a thoughtful and serious examination of the prevailing economic, social, cultural and institutional framework of the society concerned. Of all, the observation signifies the primacy and indispensability of individuals and communities to be realistic and rational decision makers in all matters which concern their lives

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