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Proclamation That Will be not be Accepted by Ethiopians

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Proclamation That Will be not be Accepted by Ethiopians  Moral underdevelopment which I define as a situation symptomatic of the preponderance of the preand conventional levels’ moral views as well as the absence or rarity of moral behavior at the post–conventional level in Kholberg’s schema of moral development is indeed a global phenomenon; however, it takes its worst tolls in Africa.

In my view, the politics of totalitarianismquite wide-spread in the continent, takes the lion’s share for deepening and expounding the problem. In their desperate attempt to cling onto power as long as possible, totalitarian regimes in Africa (led by morally corrupt politicians infested with negative attitude of hatred and prejudice) strive hard to manipulate and multiply the number of individuals found at the pre-conventional and conventional levels while weakening and subsequently banishing those at the post-conventional level, supposedly their archetypal “enemies”.

The most common strategies employed by these seemingly ‘absolutist states’ to implement their totalitarian rule are: implement the ’politics of hatred’–an ideological project bent at brainwashing and blinding people with prejudices and hatred– and engage in the ‘politics of fear’–exercised through enacting oppressive and draconian laws and rules.

It is, therefore, no wonder that the African people suffered exceptionally from the inevitable consequences of ‘moral underdevelopment’ manifested primarily in the deepening of such social ills as abject poverty, profound inequality, wide-spread social, economic and political injustices, conservative ideologies (such as religious and ethnic fundamentalism) which may eventually lead to the disintegration and ultimately the break-up of the social fabric of the society.

Thus, unless some corrective measures are taken in time both at individual as well as societal levels, the ominous consequences of the ever deepening ‘moral underdevelopment’ are bound to be irreversible. In this regard, I would suggest the following as some initial steps worthy of consideration.  Scrutinizing the existing moral values and reinstituting the most constructive and positive ones; redefining, reorganizing and reorienting the currently operating institutions and norms; instituting good-governance and substantive democracy (as opposed to formalistic democracy); empowering communities; and, encouraging private individuals to actively engage in self-education and development programs so as to replace ignorance with knowledge, and credulity with critical judgment

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