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Ethiopian women sing to dr abiy today

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Ethiopian women sing to dr abiy today And she is explain about banking system in ethiopa It would thus be reasonable to deduce that the CBO, whose executives you have dismissed without offering sufficient rationale for doing so, has been well run by all measures. Needless to say that I am stupefied by your actions and would like to ask the following questions, with hopes that you will shed some light on your troubling decision. I intend to publish these questions on a few print media outlets dealing largely with issues related to Oromia and Ethiopia. Here are the questions:


1) What were the precise offenses that you found so objectionable to opt for what amounts to essentially arresting the great strides the CBO has been making, thus arguably negatively and materially affecting the potential benefits that would be accruing to its shareholders, employees, customers, and the country at large? A specific enumeration of the transgressions, not a vague accusation, is what is being requested.

2) What were the nature and volume of the “mishandling of the foreign-exchange trade” that the CBO was alleged to have engaged in? Was it a systemic problem, or was it likely to be random? Are these alleged infractions unique to the CBO, or do they come up in your supervision and regulation of the other financial institutions?

3) How did you discover the alleged offenses?
4) How did you adjudicate these purported wrongdoings?

5) Do you have mechanisms in place that would help you determine the seriousness of any violations by any financial institution under your supervision and regulation?

6) Assuming the violations you discovered with the CBO were material, did you consider other redeeming characteristics of the bank (which are undeniably numerous and substantial) in your decision making?

7) Before carrying out the penalties against the bank and its management, did you consider the damage your decision might cause to the shareholders, employees and customers of the bank, not to mention the government that you serve as central bankers?

8) Did you consider and attempt to quantify the potential net impact on the social welfare of your actions? I presume that, as responsible social planners, you have thoroughly examined the benefits and costs of your decisions on the social welfare.

9) Are you convinced that your decision would promote, “the safety and soundness of financial institutions, stability in the financial markets, and fair and equitable treatment of consumers in their financial transactions?”

10) Are there precedents from around the world that would justify your actions?

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