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Tigray Regional State Special Forces Betrayed

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Tigray Regional State Special Forces Betrayed Controversies regarding this issue have invigorated afresh the world over. But the nature of the controversies happens to be largely exclusionist: on the one hand, there exists a view which argues solely for a highly structured and predominantly behavior-oriented education; on the other hand, the need for an entirely free and unstructured educational system.

Thus, as an alternative to this either or approach, I commend a ‘Third-Way’ of education, particularly at higher level, which draws on the relative strengths of each contending model.The ‘Third-Way’ approach rests on the philosophic assumption that humans are by nature both animal and rational beings. Subsequently, it suggests a hybrid of generative-derivative educational curriculum executed via semi-structured educational system. The structured component comprises an ordered, teacher-assisted instruction of a core of time-tested procreative subjects such as language, communication, philosophy, and basic natural, physical and social sciences. The learning of generative subjects often endows students with the ability to learn the derivative subject whose learning is not of significant value for acquisition of further knowledge.

Whereas the liberal part provides the opportunity for students to exercise their free will and work on their inner growth. Its application demands responsible engagement of students in semi-self-guided and semi-instructor-monitored study of one’s own pace and self-chosen educational contents compatible with one’s natural disposition. Here the principal criterion is not a short-term economic analysis but rather the long-term emancipation of humanity.

In the course of school education learners would be provided mainly with the motivation, habits, ideas and techniques that they need to continue to educate themselves for school education cannot offer all they will ever need to know. This Galileo Galilee had in mind when he said, “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself

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