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Very Important Information for Ethiopians lives In Saudi

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Very Important Information for Ethiopians lives In Saudi What inspired this piece was my recent research trip to West Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional State in South Eastern Ethiopia. It was quite a surprise to see how widely the peasants in the area employ the services of modern, sophisticated agricultural machineries such as tractors and combine harvesters by renting at overpriced rates.Be that as it may, however, what has been evidently transpiring in the community in the wake of the wide-spread use of these complex modern agricultural technologies

The famous claim in economics is the idea that the application of modern technologies would reduce the costs of production and raise level of productivity. But, none of these claims seem to have been realized in the localities. On the contrary, rather the costs of production reportedly shot up in multifold resulting in inflated grain prices. Understandably, this may be due to the fact that these expensive new machineries have been used on the same fragments of farmlands previously cultivated by cheap human labor. Furthermore, instead of being transformed to other productive industrial activities as witnessed in advanced countries, the agricultural “surplus” laborers supposedly released by the application of the new machinery were made idle and redundant, often spending their spare time on destructive lifestyles.

On top of this, some other unexpected and unforeseen social ills seem to surfacing in the community. To mention just a few: the erosion of the work ethics (due to the idleness created by the use of machineries); the multiplication of formerly non-existent middle men or brokers in tandem with the machinery operating business;  the spread of corruption in a bid to get priority for the machinery and being rescued from treachery actions allegedly performed by the machine operators in the course of operation; on farm spot sales of crop harvests at cheaper prices which seems to be undermining the wise traditional grain management practices resulting in reckless economic behavior and the subsequent onset of discord and conflicts among family members

Asides from efficiency, technology also ought to be assessed in terms of other criteria such as that of relevance: whether it is the appropriate and timely technology for the current need, knowledge, resource, or organizational experience of the society in question

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