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Dr Debretison Warned For Those Treating Tigray Region


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Dr Debretison Warned For Those Treating Tigray Region  The feeling was not limited only to the colorful fans present at the where the matches were played it swept over the whole nation ever since the announcement in October 2012 of the qualification of the Ethiopian team to the Africa’s cup of nation after 31 years of absence. Ethiopians of all ages and walks of life were seen in the streets of many towns and cities face-painted and draped in the tri-color of the national flag, chanting traditional songs and screaming and dancing jubilantly.

Such type of international contest inciting intense national feelings among the citizens of the contestant nations is no stranger but the intensity of the emotion varies based on the degree of strength of nationalistic sentiment with the concerned citizens.Of course, Ethiopians are renowned to be people with deep nationalistic sentiment and ostensibly maintaining a unique sense of identity. This may possibly arise from a conviction regarding Ethiopia’s long and impressive history and immense contribution to human civilization.

To name but few, Ethiopia is well-celebrated for being:  one of the very few  nations to be repeatedly mentioned in the scriptures of the two great monotheistic religions of Christianity and Islam; a land  of the great ancient civilizations of Axum , Gondar and Harar; a location of  the mysterious Lalibela Rock hewn churches; a shelter to the first persecuted Muslim refugees from Saudi Arabia known as the Sahabahs at the very early rise of Islam; the source of the world’s historical and longest Nile  river;  the site where the modern human species had first been found (Lucy); a great deal  contributor to the world’s stock of food seed (most challenging discovery believed to surpass even the latest scientific discoveries for it demanded the sacrifices of thousands of human lives, according to Jared Diamond’s book ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’); a country possessing its own written alphabet and a unique calendar; a home for diverse ethnic groups, traditions and customs; last but not least,  endowed with spectacular natural rich, to some of which, admittedly,  the has accorded the entitlement of World Heritage.

Understandably, this sentiment of uniqueness and the pervading organic solidarity among the people built on historical necessity seems to generate a ‘collective spiritual energy’ which I call the ‘Ethiopian sprit’. This seemingly ‘mystical’ spirit appears to be an-all powerful force which can neither be created nor completely destroyed at will; for it is grounded in the inexorable connectedness of life

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