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Important Advice to Grown Your Hair for Habesha

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 Important Advice to Grown Your Hair for Habesha The cultural transformation of the global media and entertainment industry is exercised through penetrating the systems of people’s everyday life which, in turn, shapes their disposition, imagined identities and day-to-day actions.A typical example of this cultural domination would be the rapidly spreading phenomenon of the “commodification” of social life–the practice of transforming every human action or event into ‘sellable commodities’.

Consequently, such previously sanctified vital human phenomena and actions like identity, marriage, death, and social relations are increasingly being “commodified”. Thus, now people tend to conceive themselves not through their integrity and community contribution, but through what they own and consume; burial activities which were once communal duties, have now turned out to be ‘commodified’ services that one can buy from the burial companies according to his purchasing ability – deplorably an action that extends social stratification even after death. Nowadays, People think that the lavishness of their marriage ceremony or other vital social event would buy them a social status; even the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony which was purely meant for strengthening neighborhood solidarity has now been put for sale.

The effects of the ‘soft-power’ influences are largely subtle for they mainly operate at the sub-conscious level. They are to a greater extent self-imposed enslavement resulting from a naïve, uncritical, wholesale adoption of Western cultural values and ideals. They are spatially- expansive, sweeping far and wide; even those previously untouched areas by the colonial rule being prey to the new ‘soft-power’ of Western rule, think Ethiopia. In terms of time, it is far more long-lasting for it is a mental-bondage which renders it extremely difficult and monumentally challenging to do away with.

Be that as it may, however, it should be clear that this is not an argument for a return to tradition or complete isolation and divorce from the West; but rather to underline the crucial points of nurturing an assertive, competitive and thriving domestic intellectual and cultural capabilities, instead of simply yielding to uncritical absorption and celebration of what is everything West

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