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Eight Suspected has Been Arrested in connection TPLF

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Eight Suspected has Been Arrested in connection TPLF  The ‘soft-power’ domination exhibits radically different features from its precursors. Unlike the older variants of domination effected by the ‘hard-power’ of physical coercion (through the barrel of the gun), the contemporary ‘soft-power’ domination is effected by changing peoples’ attitudes and transforming public consciousness–a type of rule which forces people to defeat themselves  mentally without any direct physical intervention by the supposed rulers.

For instance, by glorifying Western-oriented values, norms, behaviors, linguistic, and lifestyles, the Global Media and Entertainment Industry attempts to establish the myth of the cultural “correctness” of the West–depicting everything from the West as being “correct”. Meanwhile, the IT industry, asides from its positive contribution, also produces, in its own way, another new form of dependency, mainly in linguistic and technological terms

Some die-hard advocates of the current status quo may try to rationalize this as an inevitable consequence of the forces of ‘globalization’. But, what they fail to realize or attempt to conceal is the fact that it is, by and large, a homogenizing endeavor of Western values and ideals under the rubric of ‘globalization’.

‘Globalization’, in its present form, is indeed the latest form of Western domination that might be traced in the African context as a succession of three periods, roughly periodized: the first 15th -18thcentury period of Slave Trade, in which Africa served as the main source of slaves; the second,18th-mid 20thcentury era of Colonialism characterized by direct occupation and political control achieved through aggressive military action; and, now  the third contemporary period of ‘Globalization’, distinguished primarily by subtle Western domination effected through the ‘soft power’ of the Entertainment industry, the Global Media, and the Information Technology

Critics view this obsession with the Western popular culture as a ploy to destruct public attention from the increasingly deteriorating economic and political crises unraveling in the country.However, a deeper reflection will lead to the understanding of their much wider implications. In my opinion, they rather represent the newly emerging frontiers of Western domination thrown out on the developing world

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